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Forty-Odd Years © copyright 2006 by Oriablue All Rights Reserved

40-odd years of alone in some room

Lend me one heart

That would choose to hold me- just for this day.

All of the years that Iíve waited for you;

Hope was misspent, but Iím still here.

Still donít know why, yet Iím still here.

Wait for more moons just like this one, to pass.

Keep my soul to the grind, walk alone so brave and very strong.

Held love up like a candle to the flame.

Stir up no ashes from the ground.

Holding no memories; burn them Ďround.


Been hanginí by a thread, but walking on instead of hoping for some future-to-be;

Tried everywhere outside of love and back but life has brought me back to the innermost parts of me.

Ah, Ah, Ah,

Love eludes me.


Even though life can feel like itís nearly over,

When the years, have been swept, like tides away,

Toss the dreams to the wind and let them find their way,

Youíll be fine on your own.

All alone.

40 long days I have traveled through the desert

Merging my heart so it learns to rise and leap in the Now

All of the moments that Iíve felt that you are nearÖ

Hope is still asking; can you hear?

Will you still want me now I'm here?


Ah, Ah, Ah, life Imbues meÖ.

Imbue me.

In tribute to the ashes of a challenging past...may it rest in peace, as I dance on, in joy, love,

and completion. ob